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Dirk van Deun, dirk at dinf.vub.ac.be

A. Hobby Projects

The Tingle Programming Language

Many innovations in object oriented programming are about avoiding multiple inheritance. Mixins, traits, interfaces all serve this purpose. Tingle is a whole new language that grew out of a single idea about how to avoid multiple inheritance.


A very simple web game that puts SKI combinators on a Tetris-like playing field. Computer scientists will get it. Others maybe not so much.

B. Rantings

Lucid for the Practical Haskell Programmer

These are my original notes, slightly edited to make a coherent story out of them, from when I was learning the basics of Lucid, in which I try to map Lucid code as faithfully as possible onto Haskell.

Why learn Haskell

This is quite a hard question to answer off the cuff, so I've written down an extensive answer here. I mostly take my second favourite family of languages, the Lisps, as a starting point for comparison: the contrast with C-like languages is of course even much larger.

Static versus dynamic typing

I am really tired of being pushed into a camp in the religious wars between static and dynamic typers. I have taken the time to carefully lay out my ideas on this question, so that from now on I can just refer to this URL and feel at liberty to stay clear of shouting matches.

Vim voor programmeurs

Een kort overzicht van enkele features van vim die specifiek nuttig zijn bij het programmeren.


Stel je voor dat het woord "zijn" niet bestond, noch de vervoegde vormen "is", "ben", "was", "geweest" en zo verder. Je zou er even aan moeten wennen, maar je zou merken dat je taal er een heel stuk levendiger door werd.